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Dana with his puppets.

For Christian churches, groups and organizations, I have a completely different series of programs I do that have Gospel and Bible story themes. I got started using puppets by doing Bible stories with them in my home church. These programs stick to the basic concepts and topics common to all mainstream Christian denominations. I am reminded of the story about a man who died and went to Heaven. When given the chance to speak with God, the man asked God, "Which Christian denomination is the correct one?" God replied, "What's a 'denomination'?"

For my Christian programs, I bring two footlockers (and more!) of tricks, juggling, paper cutting and at least 3 ventriloquist puppets, including my giant bird puppet "Pee Wee Rainbow" (almost 6' tall)! All tricks and dialogues with the puppets are done to tell Bible stories and illustrate Biblical principles for Christian living. Informative and entertaining for people of all ages; there's something in the program for everyone!

My Gospel shows are available to Christian churches and organizations at my regular rates (see my Rate Chart). SPECIAL NOTE! I am available to perform on Sundays as well as any other day of the week.

"Dana and Friends" is excellent Christian family entertainment for adults, teenagers, and children age 5 or older. Actual puppets, stories, and tricks used may vary according to the performing conditions, length of program, type of audience, and your own particular requirements. These shows are great for Family Nights, Children's Church, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, etc. I have performed extensively throughout New England at fairs, festivals, schools, churches, banquets and for a wide variety of Christian groups, organizations and denominations, including Catholic, Assemblies of God, Church of the Nazarene, Baptist, Lutheran, Christian Missionary Alliance, Methodist, Advent Christian, etc.

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