Biography of Dana Perkins

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Dana Perkins is a professional ventriloquist and magician who performs throughout New England providing family entertainment. When not on the road doing shows, he does commercial artwork and builds ships and houses inside of bottles. For a more detailed description of his work, you can visit his websites at: or

Dana was born in Portland, Maine, and grew up in eastern Massachusetts and southern Maine. He began learning magic tricks in grade 4, ventriloquism in grade 7, and did his very first show while in Junior High School. He's been performing ever since!

After earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Wisconsin, Dana bicycled from Maine to California where he and his wife Shari got married. Dana has a work history that includes a wide range of commercial art, fine art, printing, advertising, 3D computer illustration, and animation. Dana and Shari currently live in Saco, Maine. They have two sons: Benjamin, who works as a computer special effects artist for the Hollywood movie industry, and Shannon, who works for an industrial fabrication company in Colorado.

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